Amphibians and reptiles of Czechia


There is 13 species of reptiles in Czech Republic, 12 native and one invasive species – Pond Slider (Trachemys scripta spp.) introduced from a pet trade. We have 6 species of lizards, 5 species of snakes and two species of turtles.


Sand Lizard
(Lacerta Agilis)
Eastern Green Lizard
(Lacerta viridis)
Viviparous Lizard
(Zootoca vivipara)
Common Wall Lizard
(Podarcis muralis)
Slow Worm
(Anguis fragilis)
Eastern Slow Worm
(Anguis colchicus)


Grass Snake
(Natrix natrix)
Dice Snake
(Natrix tessellata)
Smooth snake
(Coronella austriaca)
Aeskulapian snake
(Zamenis longissimus)
(Vipera Berus)


Pond Slider
(Trachemys scripta spp.)
European Pond Terrapin
(Emys orbicularis)


There is 21 species of amphibians in Czech Republic. Frogs are the most numerous of the two groups, represented by 13 species. We have also 8 species of tailed amphibians: 7 newt species and one salamander.


Common toad
(Bufo bufo)
Green Toad
(Bufotes Viridis)
Natterjack Toad
(Epidalea calamita)
Fire-Bellied Toad
(Bombina bombina)
Yellow-Bellied Toad
(Bombina variegata)
Spadefoot Toad
(Pelobates fuscus)
Moor Frog
(Rana Arvalis)
Agile Frog
(Rana dalmatina)
Common Frog
(Rana temporaria)
Marsh Frog
(Pelophylax ridibundus)
Pool Frog
(Pelophylax lessonae)
Edible Frog
(Pelophylax kl. esculentus)
Common Tree Frog
(Hyla arborea)

Newts and salamanders

Smooth newt
(Lissotriton vulgaris)
Palmate Newt
(Lissotriton helveticus)
Montandon´s Newt
(Lissotriton montandoni)
Alpine Newt
(Ichthyosaura alpestris)
Great Crested Newt
(Triturus cristatus)
Italian Crested Newt
(Triturus carnifex)
Danube Crested Newt
(Triturus dobrogicus)
Fire Salamander
(Salamandra salamandra)