Spadefoot toad (Pelobates fuscus)


Small frog with pointy head, rounded. Very large eyes with vertical pupil (In CZ only in this species). Iris is yellow-brown or bronze. Coloration is not very variable. Usually grey to yellowish with darker spots. Belly is white or grey. The size of an adult frogs is around 4-8 cm, females are larger. Body is short and rounded. Hind legs are short – not a good jumper. On the basis of the hind feet thera are metatarsal tubercules used for diging. 


Occures in the lower areas with sandy or light soil in the altitudes 300-500 m a.s.l.

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Various insects


Breeding take place from april to june in small ponds, sand querries etc. Both males and females are croaking from under the water of ground, making sounds od usually three short croaks “kro-kro-kro”. Amplexus inguinalis. The tadpoles reach up to 20 cm.

Pelobates tadpoles